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Thank you for your interest in applying for RSB Certification. 


Over the next few pages, you will be asked information about your organisation and operation. This will help to define the scope of your certification and open the pathway into the RSB system.


The final step of this form asks you to agree to RSB's Participating Operator Agreement. We recommend that you download, review and save it now.


You can save and come back to your application later if you need to.

Please note that your application is valid for a duration of 12 months. If you are not certified within this period, you will have to submit a new application


The detailed certification process is available online.


1. Apply online

2. Pay the application fee (billed to you within 7 days of application)

3. Public comments period commences (2 weeks)

4. Schedule your audit with an RSB-accredited certification body

5. Prepare for your audit – you may utilise a selection of pre-audit tools that are available online and will also be sent to you after application

6. Achieve certification.


Upon completion of the application, you will receive a welcome email that includes a list of the documents that will help you prepare for your audit.


Within 7 days of your application, you will receive an invoice for the $500 (USD) Application Fee that is payable by all operators entering the RSB system - this is a separate fee to the audit costs (which are billed separately by your auditor) and the annual licencing fee payable to RSB and determined by your type of operation and/or area or volume certified. For more information on fees, please see Schedule C of the Participating Operator Agreement.


A notification will be posted on our website and shared to RSB’s stakeholders for 2 weeks of Public Comments as part of the stakeholder consultation phase of your application.  

The notification will include:

the name and general location of your operation; feedstock type; end product; and the type of certification you are applying for.

During this time, you can select your Certification Body, schedule and begin preparation for your audit. 


Upon completion of your application you will receive an email directing you access to RSB’s pre-audit tools. These tools are also available online here.


We look forward to your successful certification to RSB’s Standard and are ready to answer any queries not covered in our FAQs.

You can contact us at any time at

Please complete all the fields below that are relevant to your application. Some fields are required and are marked with a red asterisk (*) 
Details of the Legal Entity Registering with RSB
(including unit number, if applicable)
Primary Contact on behalf of the Legal entity

Please note:

In some situations the organisation or person completing this form might not be employed by the legal entity applying for registration, e.g. a consultant or other third party / company.
If this situation applies to you, all relevant details of each party must be clearly shown in this section.
RSB may request proof of the relationship between a third party and the legal entity applying for certification. RSB reserves the right to contact any party directly.
(e.g. Consultant)
(including unit number, if applicable)
Details to whom RSB will send invoice (Billing contact)
(including unit number, if applicable)
Certification type and operational information:
Please provide a short description
Please provide a short description
Please estimate the scale of the proposed certified site / operation:
Not required for agricultural or forestry residues
Please enter a number (no text)
Information on other certificates
List any other voluntary sustainability scheme certificates held within the past three years 
or currently being applied for, e.g. ISCC, RSPO, FSC, etc.
Location of proposed certified site(s)
(including unit number, if applicable)
To add additional sites, please click on Add another Response to enter the name and address of additional sites that will come under the scope of certification.


I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in the RSB Participating Operator Agreement.

By clicking 'Review and Submit' button on this page your application will be submitted and your acceptance of our Participating Operator terms and conditions will be recorded. You will be invoiced $500 (USD).

RSB’s Participating Operator Agreement can be downloaded here.