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The APFP builds sustainable paediatric clinical, education, training, research and advocacy capacity in Africa by providing training to African child health professionals.  Established in 2008 the programme is an initiative of the University of Cape Town’s Department of Paediatrics and Child Health. The programme originated at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, one of the largest stand-alone tertiary paediatric hospital in sub-Saharan Africa and globally recognised as a leading training institution.


Working in partnership with hospitals and training institutions across Africa, the APFP equips doctors and rehabilitation therapists with specialist and subspecialist skills required to advance child health in Africa, and collaborates with the equivalent training programme for nurses. The programme aims to strengthen its partner institutions by building a critical mass of clinical expertise able to independently provide specialist paediatric services, clinical research, education and training at their home centres.


The APFP was a natural evolution of an existing capacity to train in a highly relevant way for African needs, as the curriculums and training capacities were already established. Since its inception, the APFP has fine-tuned its approaches to training, leading to the development of a network of highly-skilled African clinicians who are equipped to advance child health on the continent. 


The APFP offers fully-funded fellowships in a wide spectrum of specialities/sub-specialities. Applicants now have the opportunity to choose from three training sites, i.e. APFP UCT(University of Cape Town in Cape Town, South Africa; APFP WITS (The University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa) and APFP UKZN (The University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa). Please feel to visit the respective Universities’ website to research the curriculum and available programmes. You will be required to choose your selected university during your application process.


The application for training is completely an online process. No email applications will be accepted.


You will required to attach the following documentation to your application, so please have these ready when applying:

1) Covering letter of application (It is important to state the current health care situation in the country/region/geographical area; the needs of the hospital; how the training will meet these needs on their return; specific skills that they would like to acquire)


2) Recently updated Curriculum Vitae (please note that your referees will need to have valid institutional email addresses. Personal addresses will not be accepted.)


3) Supervisor letter of support (Needs to be completed by the supervisor that will be supporting the trainee on his/her return. You should find a supervisor in your interested field or your direct HOD. The letter should state why there is a need for the candidate to complete this training, how the training will impact the hospital’s needs and what plans will be put in place for the doctor after the training period) This supervisor will be instrumental wrt formalising a training plan for the trainee(keeping the needs of the hospital in mind) and keeping contact with the trainee to ensure that the trainee is on track with the training plan. The supervisor will receive 3-monthly APFP assessments in which they will be able to see the progress that is being made by the trainee.


4) Copies of your degree certificates and transcripts


5) Valid passport (Photo page only)


6) IELTS results (if available)


The application cannot be submitted without all of the required documentation. It is important that you plan your application and complete the online form correctly. You will not be able to change your online application once you have submitted it.


Thank you and now please continue with your fellowship application.
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